Story Videos

Cantonese story time! Story books are a great way to learn a language. It introduces vocabulary in fun ways and most importantly in context so the kids can see its application. Story books also open up a new world of imagination and creativity. Taking a moment to pause and discussing your child’s predictions, feelings and connections throughout the book is also a great parent-child bonding experience as well.

Here’s a list of YouTube channels that has storybooks with Cantonese Audio. Thank you to these generous parents and educators for uploading these! These are a great way to increase exposure and learn Cantonese in a fun way.

If you are looking for a read aloud for a specific book, I recommend entering the book’s Chinese title in YouTube along with the words 廣東話 or 粵語.

Disclaimer: I do not own these videos, nor am I associated or endorsed by any of the content creators. Please pre-screen videos prior to sharing with children to ensure the content and values align with your family.

Cantonese Mommy

Cantonese Mommy Michelle was the very first Cantonese channel I subscribed to on YouTube. She has a variety of books ranging from board books to bridge books on her channel. In her videos, she reads the book to her child. You will catch snippets of their conversations about the books. She reads the books in both written and colloquial Cantonese which is great if you are also learning to read.

Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme

Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme Eveline has music, stories and book recommendations on her channel. She is a personal favourite for many families. She also runs circle times, story times and classes for families learning Cantonese and Mandarin. To catch one of her FREE live story times, you must join the Little Kozzi Reading Club group on Facebook. Eveline reads in written and spoken Cantonese.


Fely 姐姐 is a child reader. She is an amazing role model for children learning to read with over 300 videos. She reads the book colloquial and has read many popular books that children love.

Michigan Cantonese Storytime

Michigan Cantonese Storytime Grace offers a variety of stories, songs and crafts on her channel. She reads popular Chinese books as well as translates popular English books to Cantonese such as Peppa Pig and Elephant & Piggie. Stories are read in colloquial Cantonese.

DauDingism 豆丁主義

Daudingism, Cindy offer songs and read alouds on her channel. My children and I were very fortunate enough to attend her virtual circle time classes at the beginning of the pandemic. Her voice is animated which made story time very fun. To access her read alouds, you must sign up for an account on her website. She reads popular books such as Elephant & Piggie in Chinese and Little Penguins 小企鵝歡樂旅程. Stories are read in colloquial Cantonese.


Koko reads many popular children Chinese stories in Cantonese. Stories are read in colloquial Cantonese.

好聽故事書Books for the Little Soul

好聽故事書Books for the Little Soul River has read alouds in Cantonese, English and bilingual Cantonese and English. She reads Chinese books and also translates English books to Cantonese. Stories are read in colloquial Cantonese.

Teacher Owl

Teacher Owl has a lot of popular Chinese children’s book on her channel. Stories are read in colloquial Cantonese.

Chinese YMCA Kwai Chung Kindergarten

This channel has a variety of videos available including stories, crafts, and more. Stories are read in colloquial Cantonese.

冚唪唥粵文讀本 Hambaanglaang Cantonese Graded Readers

Hambaanglaang Cantonese Graded Readers is a not for profit organization teaching adults and children to read and speak Cantonese. Stories are written in colloquial Cantonese (not standard Chinese). It includes visual representation for the tones and jyutping. You can download the story for free on their website. You can also purchase some of their stories. The physical books also include cultural insight and a comparison between written and colloquial Cantonese.


企鵝畫室 features a male reader! Stories are read in colloquial Cantonese.

采姐姐的故事王國 Lillian’s Story Kingdom

Lillian retells story books and famous tales/myths using her own images. Stories are read in colloquial Cantonese.

懶瞓豬講故事 SleepyPigStory

Sleepy Pig Stories has over 40 stories on their channel. There is only a still image in the video so there is no moving video for the kids to watch which I prefer so that the kids can practice listening. You can also hear there stories on Spotify and Apple Podcast if you want a no video option.

藍天故事Blue Sky Story