Cantonese Music Channels

Here is a list of Cantonese music videos on YouTube (not listed in any particular order).

Disclaimer: I do not own these videos, nor am I associated or endorsed by any of the content creators. Please pre-screen videos prior to sharing with children to ensure the content and values align with your family.

Brenda’s Music for Kids has 12 videos of songs. Her last video was uploaded April 2020. She created some original Cantonese songs for kids. Videos are animations with traditional Chinese lyrics.
Cake Time Music provides original Cantonese songs and classical nursery rhymes. She includes actions with her songs. There are traditional Chinese lyrics.
Charlotte is a new channel that teaches Cantonese through music. The lyrics are large tradtional Chinese fonts that is easy to follow along.
Healing Voices HK songs are original and very calming to teach various topics. It has traditional Chinese lyrics.
Dorothy creates original Cantonese songs that are fun for children. Her videos includes a teaching portion and a singing portion. Lyrics are in traditional Chinese and she includes jyutping. She writes songs that ensure the lyrics follow the correct tones for the Chinese words. She also has videos teaching do re mi. She is a music teacher that teacher in Cantonese based in the UK. You can find more information on her classes on her website.
May has a few Cantonese songs geared towards learning different topics in Cantonese. She also has songs that centre around coming closer to God. Lyrics in traditional Chinese.
Music Therapy in Class Hong Kong creates original Cantonese songs geared towards children of special needs. They are calming and includes repetition for easier learning. Other children can benefit from their songs as well. He writes the lyrics to follow the correct tones. He has a lot of different songs covering a variety of topics.
Eveline from Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme creates original music with Dorothy from Locy Lee Music. Her page features some of those songs. They write their songs to follow the correct Cantonese tones. She also sings classic nursery rhymes on her page. She teaches her music curriculum with Dorothy online and in person. You can find more information on her website. Lyrics are in traditional Chinese.
奇音樂奇世界 channel has original and classic Children nursery rhymes songs sung by children. Traditioal Chinese lyrics.
Sunshine Nursery Rhymes has original and classic Children nursery rhymes. They also have some educational videos. Traditional Chinese lyrics.
Katherine 嘉芙姐姐 creates original Cantonese songs. She a lot of songs covering a variety of topics. Traditional Chinese lyrics.