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Cantonese Music for Kids

Music is a fun and powerful language learning tool for kids. Not only can it help expand a child’s vocabulary and phonetic awareness in a language, it is presented in a fun and enjoyable way that encourages more learning. Children songs are repetitive and often can be accompanied by actions which strengthens and reinforces the vocabulary. This applies to all language, not just Cantonese. With Cantonese, you may find lyrics more difficult to understand depending on how the song was written. This is because how the Cantonese language is spoken is different than how it is written. With that being said, don’t worry about your child not understanding the lyrics of the song fully. Music can still be used to introduce the sounds of the language, the culture and introduce some key vocabulary.

I have compiled a variety of Cantonese songs for children. These includes: nursery rhymes based on English melodies, traditional Cantonese nursery rhymes, Cantonese children song written in recent years, Cantonese translated Disney songs and more. You can view the full list here which includes links to downloadable lyric sheets and mp3 if available. Continue below to find YouTube playlists for some popular Cantonese songs.

Cantonese Nursery Rhymes Based on English Melodies

These songs will hold a familiar tune if your first language is English. The melodies of these songs follow popular nursery rhymes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and London Bridge is Falling Down. Many of these songs were written by James Wong 黃霑, a famous Hong Kong song writer. With these songs, you will find that the tune of the lyrics do not always follow the tone of the actual Cantonese words. They are still fun to listen and sing to.

Traditional Cantonese Nursery Rhymes

These are songs that the older generation will be familiar with. It would be great for parents or grandparents to sings with their child or grandchild. A good one to start with would be 小明 or 點蟲蟲.

New Cantonese Children Songs

New songs! These are songs written within the last 10 or so years. Many of these song writers are still active today and continue to write new Cantonese songs for children. They have many songs so I have linked a playlist of their work. Some of these songs are written in spoken Cantonese and also follow the Cantonese tones. This will make learning Cantonese easier.

Locy Lee Learning

嘉芙姐姐 Ka Foo Music Land

TVB Hands Up Songs

Music Therapy In Class Hong Kong _CNCMS樂在課中

Che Che Music

Thanks 2 Music

Cantonese Disney Songs

A lot of Disney movies were translated to Cantonese. You can find a lot of them available on Disney+. There is much more songs available but here are a few of the songs that are available on YouTube to listen to. Frozen songs have been on repeat in our home.

Cantonese Songs for the Holidays

These songs are for Chinese holidays like New Year, Mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat festival. There are also some songs for western holidays like Christmas.

Our Favourite Cantonese Songs

If you are overwhelmed with the amount of Cantonese songs that are available, you can just start with this list. These are my children’s favourite songs that they will sing over and over again. They are 5 and 6 years old when I created this list. My kids enjoy upbeat songs that they can dance to and also songs that they can be silly with.

More Cantonese Children Apps and Resources

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Mother’s Day 母親節

Mother’s Day is celebrated at many different times around the world. Many countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month of May. Here are some resources that you can use to celebrate Mother’s Day or learn about different mothers.

Mother’s Day Vocabulary

Here are some relevant vocabulary you can teach your child for Mother’s Day. Below is in traditional/simplified Chinese characters and includes the jyutping for Cantonese pronunciation).

  • 母親節/母亲节 (mou5 can1 zit3 | Mother’s Day)
  • 母親節快樂/母亲节快乐 (mou5 can1 zit3 faai3 lok6 | Happy Mother’s Day)
  • 媽媽/妈妈 (maa4 maa1 | mother)
  • 媽咪/妈咪 (maa1 mi4 | mommy)
  • 嫲嫲 (maa4 maa4 | paternal grandmother)
  • 婆婆 (po4 po2 | maternal grandmother)
  • 我愛你/我爱你 (ngo5 oi3 nei5 | I love you)
  • 親愛的媽媽/亲爱的妈妈 (can1 oi3 dik1 maa4 maa1 | Dear mom)

Mother’s Day Activities

For a simple no prep activity, download and print colouring sheets. This is great for toddlers all the way up to grade school children and does not require any specific skills.

Sweet Note Learning | Mina Learns Chinese

For a little more creativity, download these Mother’s Day card or heart templates. Customize and decorate them to your child’s desires. Great for preschool children and up who can handle scissors and glue.

Sweet Note Learning Card | Sweet Note Learning Hearts | Spot of Sunshine Card

For moms whose love language is acts of service, here is a list of items the family can do together to help around the house and make mom feel special. Presented in a fun BINGO chart, the kids will want to do it all.

Sweet Note Learning

For older children who can write, download this printable to learn what the kids know about their mom and why they love her

Sweet Note Learning

Mother’s Day Songs

容祖兒 (Joey Yung) – 世上只有

奇音樂奇世界 – 期待著媽媽

黐住這一家 Sticky Love Family – Super 媽咪

Che Che Music – 我的媽媽

小水滴與木頭仔的兒歌世界 Waterboy and Babywood Kids Channel – 媽媽,我永遠愛你

Mother’s Day Books & Stories


(I love Mommy the most!)


Buy it in:

Click here for: YouTube Read Aloud (Cantonese)


(Let’s Get Mung Beans!)


Buy it in:

Click here for: YouTube Read Aloud (Cantonese)


(Because Mommy Loves You!)


Buy it in:


(Mama’s Bowl of Soup)


Buy it in:


(Will Mama Miss me at Work?)


Buy it in:

Click here for: YouTube Read Aloud (Cantonese)


(Little Chicks Visit Grandma)


Buy it in:

Click here for: YouTube Read Aloud (Cantonese)


(My Grandma)

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09ZQ3P9C7/B09YCN8JB3

Buy it in:

Two versions available: both versions are paternal grandma depending on dialect

Click here for: YouTube Read Aloud (Cantonese)


(A Gift for Popo)

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1953281923

Buy it in:

Other versions available: Standard traditional & simplified Chinese with pinyin and English

Click here for: YouTube Read Aloud (Cantonese)

Mother’s Day Videos

Kala EE – Learning Caring Baby & Mother

麥兜 – 母親節感人至深小故事

Jacey Learning – Mother’s Day 母親節

More Cantonese Children Apps and Resources

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Earth Day 世界地球日

Each year on April 22nd, people all around the world celebrate Earth Day. Many people will do their part to protect the Earth by conserving electricity, making a conscious effort to reduce waste, a neighbourhood clean up and more. I want to share some Earth Day activities and resources your family can use to celebrate and learn about Earth Day together.

Earth Day Vocabulary

Here are some relevant vocabulary you can teach your child for Earth Day. Below is in traditional/simplified Chinese characters and includes the jyutping for Cantonese pronunciation).

  • 世界地球日 (sai3 gaai3 dei6 kau4 jat6 | International Earth Day)
  • 地球一小時 (dei6 kau4 jat1 siu2 si4 | Earth hour)
  • 地球 (dei6 kau4 | Earth)
  • 回收 (wui4 sau1 | recycle)
  • 捐 (gyun1 | donate)
  • 保護/保护 (bou2 wu6 | protect)
  • 垃圾 (laap6 saap3 | garbage)
  • 執垃圾 (zap1 laap6 saap3 | pick up the garbage)
  • 抌垃圾 (dam2 laap6 saap3 | throw away garbage)
  • 減少垃圾 (gaam2 siu2 laap6 saap3 | reduce waste)
  • 清理垃圾 (cing1 lei5 laap6 saap3 | clean up trash)
  • 熄燈/熄灯 (sik1 dang1 | turn off the light)
  • 閂水喉/闩水喉 (saan1 seoi2 hau4 | close the water tap)
  • 環保袋/环保袋 (waan4 bou2 doi2 | reusable bag)
  • 環保樽/环保樽 (waan4 bou2 zeon1 | reusable water bottle)
  • 環保飲筒/环保饮筒 (waan4 bou2 jam2 tung2 | reusable straw)
  • 播種/播种 (bo3 zung2 | plant seeds)
  • 出去玩 ( ceot1 heoi3 waan2 | play outside)
  • 造紙/造纸 (zou6 zi2 | make paper)
  • 乾淨/干净 (gon1 zeng6 | clean)

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is a great opportunity to take action and be hands on to do our part to protect the Earth. Below is a free Earth Day bingo that I created that has child friendly actions they can do to reduce waste and protect the Earth from pollution. Activities, crafts or art that include recycle material are also great activities for Earth Day.

Earth Day Bingo (free download)

Earth Day Posters (free download)

Chalk Academy – Waste Sorting activity

藝術本子 – DIY Recycle Paper (Cantonese audio)

Other Earth Day activities

  • Community clean up
  • Plant flowers, vegetables, plants or flowers
  • Upcycle crafts with recycled materials
  • Make a poster to encourage others to protect the Earth

Earth Day Songs in Cantonese

嘉芙姐姐 – 地球村

Music Therapy In Class Hong Kong – 環保生活

威威與好友 Whiskers & Friends – WeWaWeWeWa救救地球

Earth Day Stories in Cantonese

Go Green for Earth Day

Cantonese Mommy – 如果有一天 我們都沒有東西吃 (What if one day there’s no food for us to eat)

Earth Day Topics Videos in Cantonese

Kala EE – Exploring food waste composting factory in Hong Kong

Kala EE – Exploring WEEE. PARK & e-waste recycling

Kala EE – Learn about beverage cartons, recycling & pulp mill

Kala EE – Story of waste classification & recycling

Kinder HK – Recycling

Kinder HK – Waste Reduction

綠色力量 Green Power – Litter in the Environment

EVIGarten – Waste

Donut and Ah Meow – Waste Sorting

Michigan Cantonese Storytime – Earth Day Vocabulary

More Useful Information

Recyclable and non-recyclable material poster. English, Chinese, Filipino & Indonesian version available. Provided by the government of Hong Kong.

Waste Reduction Tips provided by the government of Hong Kong. Website can be easily changed to traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English.

Plastic Reduction Tips by Eco Drive Hong Kong. Posters with tips to reduce single use plastic at school, office, home and more. Available in traditional Chinese and English.

More Cantonese Children Apps and Resources

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Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival is coming up soon on September 29 2023. It’s a time to gather with friends and family and enjoy delicious foods like mooncake while gazing at the moon. Here’s a few books, songs and activities that you can do with the kids this year.

Mid Autumn Festival Books

A Big Mooncake for Little Star (小星的大月餅) by Grace Lin

ISBN: 9789865535193

A story about a little girl who sneaks a bite every night of her mooncake. This book is available in Chinese and English.

English version: Kozzi, Amazon; Chinese version: Kozzi

Cantonese read aloud: 采姐姐的故事王國 Lillian’s Story Kingdom

Mooncakes by Loretta Seto

ISBN 1459814312

This book features a family celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival while telling three of the festival tales. This book is in English.

Buy it here: Kozzi, Amazon

English read aloud: The Dream Big Bookshelf

Bitty Bao Mid-Autumn Festival Set

Our Moon, Mid Autumn Festival and Mooncake

Bitty Bao has a collection of board books for festival. Buy them as a set or individually. There is a Cantonese version and a Mandarin version.

Buy it here: Bitty Bao, Yuto, Kozzi

Peppa and the Moon Festival

ISBN 9780241369067

Peppa and her friends celebrate the Moon Festival with lanterns and mooncakes.

Buy it here: Taobao

幸福月餅店 by 鄭宗弦

ISBN 9789578602731

A family own bakery shows us how to make mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival.

Buy it here: Kozzi

Cantonese read aloud: Cantonese Mommy, Michigan Cantonese Storytime

14隻老鼠賞月 by 岩村和朗

ISBN 9787544812351

This mice family builds a moon lookout in a tree. When the moon arrives they eat delicious food and thank the moon.

Cantonese read aloud: Cantonese Mommy

Other Mid-Autumn Festival Books

Mid-Autumn Pop Up Book – 中秋節 and 團圓中秋節.

Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival [an English book about Mid-Autumn Festival, by Grace Lin; available on Little Kozzi and Amazon]

Mid Autumn Festival Songs

望望月光 食食月餅 by Eveline (Rhythm N Rhyme) and Dorothy (Locy Lee Learning)

月餅歌 by 嘉芙姐姐

中秋佳節 by 嘉芙姐姐

中秋歌 by Sunshine Nursery Rhyme

點點燈籠 by Bettina Wan (曉樂兒歌 HealingVoices Music)

圓圓的中秋 by Che Che Music (車車姐姐)

Mid Autumn Festival Activities

If you are looking for a one stop shop for activities, try out my Mid-Autumn Activity Book, available on Little Kozzi. There are flashcards to learn related vocabulary, colouring pages with stroke order characters, activities, and crafts to learn about the different traditions in an interactive, hands-on way. This activity book is bilingual and includes English and traditional Chinese characters on each page. Flashcards include jyutping (Cantonese pronunciation) and a vocabulary list that includes jyutping is included if you cannot read Chinese. Templates for all the crafts are also included. An art tutorial to draw lanterns is also included, hosted by Cherry 老師 from Children’s Cues in Cantonese. Purchase here: Mid-Autumn Activity Book

Another fun activity to do with the little ones is make mooncakes together. You can bake them or you can make them with playdough. You can purchase mooncake molds at your local Asian market or you can try Amazon. If you cannot get molds, Kumara Squad (@kyl.scrapbook) has shared a fun ecofriendly way to make them using recyclable materials. You can watch it here on her IG account, @kyl.scrapbook Playdough Mooncakes.

Lanterns is also another fun must activity for Mid-Autumn Festival. Check out these fun ideas here by Spot of Sunshine, and TVB Hands Up (Cantonese Video).

Mid Autumn Festivals Videos

Follow Kala EE to a bakery to make mooncake for her favourite Mirror members while learning vocabulary. Follow Kala EE to shop to learn about lanterns and make them together while learning vocabulary (traditional Chinese characters and English translations). Toddlers to school age children will enjoy Kala EE fun and positive personality.

Learn 5 Mid-Autumn Festival vocabulary while also learning about the festival with Uncle Calvin. Great for toddlers and preschoolers. Jyutping included. Turn on subtitles for English.

TVB Hands Up has a fun skit featuring lantern riddles and toy lanterns.

Sunshine Nursery Rhyme teaches us about the tales and customs of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Learn about different vocabulary that contain the word moon 月 and also a little about the tales of Mid Autumn Festival.

Twinklebots Cantonese teaches us Mid-Autumn Festival vocabulary, Jyutping included.

Mid Autumn Festival Toys

Bitty Bao: 13-Piece Magnetic Wooden Mooncake Toy Set [Bitty Bao, Little Kozzi]

My Heart Felt Toys Felt Mooncake [My Heart Felt Toys]

Baby Snack Time Mid Autumn Moon Festival Wooden Tea Pretend Play Set [Baby Snack Time]

More Cantonese Children Apps and Resources

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Cantonese for Kids | Virtual Class

Little Explorers Cantonese is an online Cantonese class for children that gives family the control to schedule lessons on their own time with our on demand Cantonese videos. It is run by dedicated Cantonese educators. We create our own lessons and music while featuring many independent authors and publishers.

This is a post I should have written months ago, but here it is now. Better late than never. I would like to take the time to introduce the Cantonese online program that I am running alongside Eveline, Cherry and Dorothy.

If you follow any of us on our social medias, you might have noticed that we have been working together to create an on demand virtual Cantonese program for kids after our success of our Summer Cantonese Program last year. We went all out to make a cohesive brand by creating a new brand name, logo, social media accounts and a website for our program. Shout out to the families who participated in our logo contest. It really helped us bring our brand together.

Why an on demand Cantonese class for children? We understand the busy life style as families. An on demand online program gives you control of your learning. Families can schedule these lessons at the time that suits their child. You could do these lessons during meal times or perhaps you have an early riser and you would like to provide educational content to give yourself some extra time to wake up. You are in control and you don’t need to worry about scheduling, different time zones, being late or other commitments. You can learn Cantonese on your own time.

online virtual Cantonese classes for kids

I’m not fluent. Why a Cantonese immersion program? With on demand, you can stop, pause, and rewind at any time. Missed something and want to hear it again? Just do it! Because you have life time access to these programs, you can repeat the lessons or parts of the lesson as many times as you like. Repetition is good for fluency and understanding.

If you have little ones whose first language is not Chinese, you will be surprised at how fast they can pick up a language. The prime time to learn a language is between 0 to 6. Their brains can absorb the language with lots of exposure. Babies are not born with language. They are born with the ability to learn any language. They can learn with full immersion. Trust them. My own children did not start learning Cantonese at birth. When we finally started, they were put in an environment that was only Cantonese and they were able to pick up the language without the need for any English translations. It can be intimidating and you can go at the pace that suits your family. You might want to break up our lessons into sections to complete at separate times. How you decided to complete the lessons is up to you. There is no right or wrong way!

What is our program like? Every lessons follows a set structure. No surprises. Children strive on routine and consistency so we have set up the lessons to follow a format to bring your child comfort.

For our younger audience, we have conveniently set up vocabulary, song and lesson at the beginning. They can stop the lesson after the story. For our other children, we follow up with an activity and writing. Younger children may need help with the activity and writing if their fine motor skills are still developing. Feel free to help them out.

Our writing sheets come in two different levels and are inviting for all. We start off with tracing and finding the missing strokes before attempting to write the character. We hope that your child can also become confident reader and writers in the future.

Cherry’s Cantonese art class are calming for both child and parents. We highly recommend doing these classes with your child. Cherry goes through the art process while also engaging in light conversation that parents and children can enjoy together.

How to get the most of our program?

  • Consistency is key! Choose a set day and time to complete these lessons and commit to them every week.
  • Be prepared. Have printouts and materials ready at the start of the lesson. If you are staying just for the songs and stories, all you need is an open and focused mind. If you are doing the activities and writing, come with pencils, colouring supplies, scissors and glue.
  • Participate in your child’s learning. You can do the activities with your child or talk about what they saw, learned or noticed in the lessons. Find connections from the lessons to their daily lives. Let them know you are interested in their learning.
learn language today online class for kids

Language learning will not occur overnight and on its own. It does take effort and commitment. We are here to help you though to provide you lessons and tips to make the experience easier. For more information and to register check us out:

If you have any questions you can send them to us through email or find us on our social media @littleexplorerscanto on Facebook and Instagram.

As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support to our program and to the content I post here. You are truly amazing for taking on this language learning journey!


Cantonese Online Class for Kids:

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Learn More about the Educators of the Program

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