About Me

Hi! I’m Pauline, an educator and mom of two kids learning Cantonese together. I always knew I wanted to raise bilingual children but I had no idea where to start and how to do it. After my children were born, I realized Cantonese resources geared towards English speaking families were scarce or inaccessible since I could not read or write the language. I decided to create my own resources and share them with other families who were experiencing similar struggles.

There are a combination of free and paid resources on my site that are for personal use. My mission is to make language learning accessible for all families. You can support the running of this site by purchasing my activity packs (available on Little Kozzi) or by enrolling in my virtual Cantonese class for kids, Little Explorers Cantonese.

I am most active on my Instagram social media account @sweetnotelearning. You can follow me there for more tips and resources. Wherever your family is on your language learning journey, I hope that we can support and encourage each other.