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Earth Day 世界地球日

Each year on April 22nd, people all around the world celebrate Earth Day. Many people will do their part to protect the Earth by conserving electricity, making a conscious effort to reduce waste, a neighbourhood clean up and more. I want to share some Earth Day activities and resources your family can use to celebrate and learn about Earth Day together.

Earth Day Vocabulary

Here are some relevant vocabulary you can teach your child for Earth Day. Below is in traditional/simplified Chinese characters and includes the jyutping for Cantonese pronunciation).

  • 世界地球日 (sai3 gaai3 dei6 kau4 jat6 | International Earth Day)
  • 地球一小時 (dei6 kau4 jat1 siu2 si4 | Earth hour)
  • 地球 (dei6 kau4 | Earth)
  • 回收 (wui4 sau1 | recycle)
  • 捐 (gyun1 | donate)
  • 保護/保护 (bou2 wu6 | protect)
  • 垃圾 (laap6 saap3 | garbage)
  • 執垃圾 (zap1 laap6 saap3 | pick up the garbage)
  • 抌垃圾 (dam2 laap6 saap3 | throw away garbage)
  • 減少垃圾 (gaam2 siu2 laap6 saap3 | reduce waste)
  • 清理垃圾 (cing1 lei5 laap6 saap3 | clean up trash)
  • 熄燈/熄灯 (sik1 dang1 | turn off the light)
  • 閂水喉/闩水喉 (saan1 seoi2 hau4 | close the water tap)
  • 環保袋/环保袋 (waan4 bou2 doi2 | reusable bag)
  • 環保樽/环保樽 (waan4 bou2 zeon1 | reusable water bottle)
  • 環保飲筒/环保饮筒 (waan4 bou2 jam2 tung2 | reusable straw)
  • 播種/播种 (bo3 zung2 | plant seeds)
  • 出去玩 ( ceot1 heoi3 waan2 | play outside)
  • 造紙/造纸 (zou6 zi2 | make paper)
  • 乾淨/干净 (gon1 zeng6 | clean)

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is a great opportunity to take action and be hands on to do our part to protect the Earth. Below is a free Earth Day bingo that I created that has child friendly actions they can do to reduce waste and protect the Earth from pollution. Activities, crafts or art that include recycle material are also great activities for Earth Day.

Earth Day Bingo (free download)

Earth Day Posters (free download)

Chalk Academy – Waste Sorting activity

藝術本子 – DIY Recycle Paper (Cantonese audio)

Other Earth Day activities

  • Community clean up
  • Plant flowers, vegetables, plants or flowers
  • Upcycle crafts with recycled materials
  • Make a poster to encourage others to protect the Earth

Earth Day Songs in Cantonese

嘉芙姐姐 – 地球村

Music Therapy In Class Hong Kong – 環保生活

威威與好友 Whiskers & Friends – WeWaWeWeWa救救地球

Earth Day Stories in Cantonese

Go Green for Earth Day

Cantonese Mommy – 如果有一天 我們都沒有東西吃 (What if one day there’s no food for us to eat)

Earth Day Topics Videos in Cantonese

Kala EE – Exploring food waste composting factory in Hong Kong

Kala EE – Exploring WEEE. PARK & e-waste recycling

Kala EE – Learn about beverage cartons, recycling & pulp mill

Kala EE – Story of waste classification & recycling

Kinder HK – Recycling

Kinder HK – Waste Reduction

綠色力量 Green Power – Litter in the Environment

EVIGarten – Waste

Donut and Ah Meow – Waste Sorting

Michigan Cantonese Storytime – Earth Day Vocabulary

More Useful Information

Recyclable and non-recyclable material poster. English, Chinese, Filipino & Indonesian version available. Provided by the government of Hong Kong.

Waste Reduction Tips provided by the government of Hong Kong. Website can be easily changed to traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English.

Plastic Reduction Tips by Eco Drive Hong Kong. Posters with tips to reduce single use plastic at school, office, home and more. Available in traditional Chinese and English.

More Cantonese Children Apps and Resources

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