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Float or sink

I am always amazed at the ideas that Eveline (Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme) and Dorothy (Locy Lee Learning) come up with for their music program, Roundabout. Last week, they taught us a fun bath time song which involved vocabulary like float and sink. This is such a fun topic that children are naturally curious about. It inspired me to create these worksheets to extend our learning.

The first page is to introduce the characters with stroke order for the words float and sink. The second page is an experiment page to record our prediction and results of objects that float or sink. The second page is not necessary for younger kids. My kids had a lot of fun with the experiment and looking for different objects that might sink or float. Another inquiry you can try is the object position in the water. For example, we found that the cup with the open end at the top floated, but if we turned it so that the open end was facing towards the bottom, the cup sank slowly into the water. You can find the worksheet here.

We tested each object one by one. At the end, my daughter wanted to test if they were all in the bowl at the same time, would it affect their ability to sink or float.

To extend our knowledge further, you can watch the youtube video below. They discuss buoyancy and density in Cantonese. It also shows how an object (playdoh) with the same weight but different shape can affect if it will sink or float. That is also another fun experiment that we plan to try out next.

浮 (fau4) float

沉 (cam4) sink

浮力 (fau4 lik6) buoyancy

密度 (mat6 dou6) density

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