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Digestive System 消化系統️

This week the kids and I are learning about the digestive system. I want the kids to learn more about their body and how it works. I thought the digestive system would be a great start. I originally only planned to teach the English terminology but since we are still home, I decided to throw in the Cantonese vocabulary as well.

I originally had a paper activity planned. However, I changed plans and decided to do a cardboard activity instead. You will still find a printable diagram with jyutping vocabulary in the printables section since I already made it before changing plans. This activity is more like a path than a maze.

How I made the Cardboard Digestive System Maze

  • Draw the digestive system on a large piece of cardboard. I outlined and labeled everything using markers.
  • Cut 0.75 in strips of cereal boxes for the path walls.
  • Glue the strips down using hot glue gun.
  • Glue a strip of cardboard over the small intestine so the large intestine path can continue over it.
  • Optional: I used another piece of cardboard to draw the head and mouth so the kids can drop the “food” into it. I also added a little poop slider they can pull out when the “food” reaches the end.

Supplement Material in Cantonese

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