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Cantonese Storybooks on YouTube

Here’s a list of YouTube channels that has storybooks with Cantonese Audio. Let me know if there is any channels that I missed. Thank you to these generous parents and educators for uploading these! These are a great way to increase exposure and learn Cantonese in a fun way. The first six is our top six channels that my kids and I refer to often. The remaining channels on the list is in random order.

Cantonese Mommy, Michelle, has over 170 videos of stories of various topics. She reads in written and colloquial Cantonese which is great if you are trying to learning characters.
Rhythm ‘N” Rhyme, Eveline, has 20 video of stories on her channel among many more songs, reviews, art and helpful guides. She reads in both written and colloquial Cantonese. She also hosts live story times on “Little Kozzi Reading Club” facebook group.
Koko has over 70 videos of stories on her channel. Most of the videos are in Cantonese. She reads only in colloquial Cantonese.
Fely 姐姐 is one of the youngest readers on YouTube. She has over 240 videos of her reading in Cantonese. This is great exposure to see other children speaking and reading Cantonese. She reads in colloquial Cantonese.
Books for the Little Soul has 60 videos of Cantonese, English or bilingual Cantonese and English book readings on her channel. She reads Chinese books and also translates English books. She reads in colloquial Cantonese.
Michigan Cantonese Storytime has almost 300 videos on their channel including stories, music and activities. Grace reads Chinese books, translates English books to Cantonese and also creates her own stories. Her channel is great if you are looking for Cantonese version of your favourite English stories like Elephant & Piggie and Peppa Pig. Her kids are also involved with the story readings. She reads in colloquial Cantonese.
There is about 40 videos on this channel (no English name for this channel). She reads in colloquial Cantonese. What’s nice is that she uploads the colloquial Cantonese translation into the video, meaning what she says is also written in the video so you can read along.
Janice has about 8 videos of stories among songs on her channel. She reads in written and colloquial Cantonese. Janice also conducts circle time in Cantonese on Markham Public Library Facebook page. You can visit the Facebook page to find the circle time videos.
Daudingism, Cindy, has more than 30 videos on her channel including stories, songs, and her self-published books. She is very animated and my kids enjoyed her reading. If you sign up to her website, you can view more books that are not available on YouTube directly.
Cantonese Kids currently has about 20 videos including stories, songs and activities. She reads in colloquial Cantonese and written and colloquial Cantonese together in a single video. Check description for timing of your preferred reading. There is one Butt Detective video on this channel!
JokSingJai, Samantha, has created her own books. She has illustrated and wrote these books herself which is amazing! Books available on Amazon. She also has vocabulary videos that teach many Cantonese words. I love her instagram account.
Hey Mommio, Kaiyan, is a fun channel, She has a few stories and vocabulary video with her son. She reads in colloquial Cantonese.
This channel has stories among other things. If you scroll through their videos you will find some stories. The stories are read in written Cantonese. There are more than 20 stories on this channel.
Like Cantonese Mommy, Little Piggies Storytime records herself reading with her child so you will hear their conversations throughout the story. She has 12 videos. She reads in colloquial Cantonese.
Hambaanglaan Cantonese Graded Readers is a very interesting channel. These stories are teaching kids to read Cantonese in the colloquial way (not written Chinese format). There is jyutping and a tonal representation of the words. It’s very interesting! They have about 80 videos on their channel now.
Storybear has 13 videos including Mr. Panda books. She reads in Colloquial Cantonese. She has subtitles of what she is saying, these are in written Chinese format.
Sleepy Pig Stories has over 40 stories on their channel. There is only a still image in the video so there is no moving video for the kids to watch which I prefer so that the kids can practice listening. You can also hear there stories on spotify and podcast if you want a no video option.
This is another channel with stories with a still image so there is no video to watch. Also, the storyteller is a male. Most channels are female reading so this may attract young boys.
Cantonese Fun Playgroup is a new channel with 4 videos at the moment. There are some fun sound effects. Stories read in colloquial Cantonese.
This channel has more than 20 videos of stories that are read in colloquial Cantonese.
Lillian has over 50 videos of her storytelling. It looks like she has created the images and video herself. My kids haven’t watched her videos yet but am sharing if someone else finds it interesting.
On this channel, there are only two videos of Peppa Pig stories. I’m not sure what the other videos are about but my kids are into Peppa Pig so they like to listen to these two stories. Stories read in colloquial Cantonese.
Little Donut only has 3 videos on her channel. Hopefully she will upload more. I really like the Good Egg story. Stories read in colloquial Cantonese.
Cantostories has only 3 videos. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is a great book. She reads in English and Cantonese.
Another male reader! His channel has over 50 videos of stories and art. He reads in colloquial Cantonese.
This is a new channel. Tess is reading books for older kids, ages 7 to 10 years old. She reads in colloquial Cantonese. She currently has 4 videos on her channel.
This father has 30 videos of stories read in colloquial Cantonese from baby books to picture books. This user is no longer active but his videos are still accessible.

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