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Valentine’s Day Heart Messages

Here are some sweet messages that you can deliver to your child for Valentine’s Day or really any time of the year. These messages are specific to Cantonese and may not work for Mandarin speakers. I know growing up, it was rare to hear words like “I am so proud of you” and “You make me happy.” It’s not really in the Chinese culture to say those words. Our parents and grandparents showed us love in different ways like through food. “Have you eaten yet?” was the equivalent to “I love you.” Hopefully our generation can make the change and make it a habit to say more praises and kind messages to our children and friends. Feel free to let me know, are there any messages I missed? What did your parents say to you? What would you have liked your parents to say?

Different ways to use these messages: (There are so many ways that you can use them. Don’t feel limited to these suggestions.)

  1. You can fold them in half and make them into cards.
  2. You can stick them on your child’s door or wall so that they can read them right when they wake up in the morning. Chalk Academy idea here. She inspired this post.
  3. Feel free to set them aside and save them for a special occasion.
  4. Hang them using a string (single or multiple) and let them dangle from the ceiling or wall. Similar idea here.
  5. Fold in half and glue 3 or 4 of them together to make a 3D heart that you can hang from the ceiling or wall. Similar idea here.

You can download this in printable section. Or just click this link. Free for personal use only.

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