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Daily Calendar

Here’s a little DIY calendar craft that you can create for your kids. It was inspired by a Montessori weather station and calendar that popped up on my Facebook feed. I saw it and immediately thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have this in Chinese? Montessori items are not cheap. Add another language, the price goes up higher. So I decided I would create a cheaper printable version that I’m sharing with you today. Please bear with me as I figure out how to navigate this new blog space. I apologize that this item is also not the easiest thing to make and will require some time and care. I will try my best to explain how to make this. If you are familiar with slider cards, this should be fairly simple. If you don’t have the materials for this craft, you can also just laminate the calendar and write/circle the date and weather. Warning: this craft is not for the stronger child who might pull out the pieces.

Okay. So here’s my attempt to explain how to make this. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here (I hope that I get an email of some sort if there is a comment) or on my instagram.


  • Daily calendar printout (3 pages) – I use heavy cardstock
  • Laminator (optional but will increase durability) and laminator sheets
  • Paper fasteners (Amazon)
  • Foam craft tape 0.25 in thickness (Amazon)
  • Tape (any kind will do)
  • Scissors, exacto knife


  1. Print out daily calendar printout. I use heavy cardstock to increase durability but regular printer paper is fine.
  2. On the calendar page (page 1), cut out the 3 holes for the days of the week.
  3. Cut out the sliding pieces (days of the week, month, and thermometer), arrows and blank rectangle (all on page 3).
  4. Laminate everything. I use one laminating sheet for all the small pieces. Laminating increases durability. Protects the paper if it gets wet. And also makes it like a dry erase sheet.
  5. Cut out the laminated pieces from page 3.
  6. On calendar page (page 1), cut out the long dotted rectangle besides the months.
  7. On the thermometer, there is a dotted line that you will need to cut to insert the thermometer slider. The size of this slit will depend on how wide you cut the laminated themometer slider. Too wide and your thermometer will fall out. Too narrow and you won’t be able to get it in. I would fold one of the bottom side to the middle and make it roughly that size or slightly less. (Does this make sense?) Be patient. Start with smaller first and try to slide it in. If it doesn’t go in, gradually get bigger.
  8. Position days of the week on last spot. Tape it down. Add foam tape around the slider (top and bottom). This is to stop slider from coming out of the calendar and also help guide the slider to stay in a straight line. Use a single long piece for each side. Multiple smaller pieces gives the slider a chance to get stuck.
  9. Position days of the week to first spot. Tape it down. Add foam tape to outside of slider (left side). This is to stop slider from going to far into the calendar.
  10. Position month window on January. Tape it down. Turn it around. You will need two small piece of foam tape. Make sure the foam tape fits in the slot. Place one on the back of the month piece. Place the second on top of it. It will be double the height. Secure the extra white rectangle to the back. You may have to resize it. The rectangle should not interfere with the path of the days of the week slider and should not touch any other piece of foam tape. After it is correctly sized, attach it to the back of the month piece.
  11. You can add aditional foam tape at the edges so calendar can lay evenly.
  12. Make sure everything can slide smoothly. Then you can add the back of the calendar (page 2) to close the calendar. The foam tape I use is strong. So please make sure everything is in the correct spot, otherwise you won’t be able to reposition it.
  13. You are done. Get your child to try it out. The date can be written with a washable marker. If you did not laminate, you can change it to a sitcky note.

This is not my specialty so I hope that I have explained everything as clearly as I can. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also feel free to post and tag me if you create this. It is the end of the year. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

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  1. holy crap this is so cool!

    1. I’m so glad you think so. It’s pretty fun to make and play with.

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